Tips and tricks for travelling with Kids on the road

When you’re preparing for a road trip with your kids, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, particularly if you’d be on the road for several days at a time. While the feeling is perfectly normal, you do tend to forget to bring a number of things with you on the trip. Not to mention, you have a vehicle-full of children that must be kept happy throughout the journey.

Whether you’re about to go on a six-hour drive or a week-long vacation, we’ve compiled a handful of tips for your ultimate family travel cheat sheet.


1. Prepare (at least) One Week In Advance

Yep. You read that correctly. Start packing AT LEAST one week before your departure. The reason is simple: doing so means you’re not rushing through the process and you won’t forget to pack your family’s and pet’s travel essentials.

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Here’s a tip: on the first day, start with clothes. Pack a jacket with a hood for each child, and if you’re travelling with infants make sure you have extra nappies, sanitary wipes, etc. On the second day, pack for emergencies. This means packing a first aid kit (or two), plastic bags, extra water bottles, and other essentials. The goal is to complete packing one item off your checklist of things to bring for the trip.

2. Create A Checklist

Checklists are helpful if you’re going on longer road trips. Take time to sit down and write items you would need. Get your family involved by asking them to create the list with you, so you won’t forget to jot down what every family member needs.

3. Prepare An Activity Pack For Every Child


Let’s face it. Long road trips make kids restless. So, to keep your children preoccupied for most of the drive, prepare a surprise activity bag/pack for each child. Include crayons, drawing books, small toys and snacks. Remember, don’t hand these out to your kids at the start of the trip. Give them the packs as you go on your way, or when you feel they’re starting to get fidgety.

4. Go To Bed Early And Head Out Early

This is a popular road trip strategy among parents. Make sure everybody’s tucked in by 8 o’clock the night before you leave, and everybody’s bundled in the car before 5 AM the following day.

Heading out before dawn means you have to bundle sleepy kids into the vehicle yes, but it does provide you with a very peaceful start to your drive and the kids would sleep most of the way. Don’t forget to stick to your scheduled stops so the kids and you can stretch your legs.

5. Hire A Motorhome!

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A motorhome rental is a lifesaver when it comes to family road trips. Not only will you have enough room for everybody, you can bring everything you need with you on the road and only unpack once! Some motorhome rentals come with kitchen and bathroom facilities, for yours and your children’s comfort.

Travelling on the road with children can be challenging if you are not well prepared. Hopefully, these tips can help you make your family road trip safer and more comfortable.  So make more happy memories on the road aboard a motorhome rental from Cheapa Campa. We look forward to being a part of your family road trip this year!




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  1. I love the idea of hiring motorhome, even though you has the car. The convenience of having everything is the most important specially when traveling with the kids. The cooking and using the bathroom is a must when traveling. The concept is perfect.

    How much it cost when renting a motorhome for 2 nights and 3 days?

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