Image courtesy of Eddy Milfort via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0

Image courtesy of Eddy Milfort via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0

Wouldn’t it be nice to explore and experience one of Australia’s finest and most stunning coastline? All the beautiful beaches, exotic marine life, the most dramatic landscapes and pristine regions are found here in the Coral Coast of Australia.

With an expansive area of about 1,1000 kilometres and 45,000 thousand years of rich history, the Coral Coast is home to plentiful white sandy beaches, pristine and untouched coral reefs and wonderful trails of wildflowers.

Before you begin your self-drive in the Coral Coast of Australia via campervan hire, you might want to consider hiring a  4WD. This vehicle configuration is well-equipped, ruggedly-built and highly suited for navigating the varying terrains around and within the towns along the Coral Coast. The 4WD is also perfect for crossing the scenic sites along the Coral Coast if you want to fully appreciate your holiday vacation without any hitch. So prepare to leave those apprehensions behind and get ready for the ride of your life aboard a 4WD!

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Self-Drive Adventure Along the Stunning Indian Ocean Coastline

Start your trip by booking a campervan hire in our branch in Perth. From there, drive the scenic and stunning Indian Ocean Drive from Yanchep (approximately 54 minutes (60.8 km)). In Yanchep, splash on  to the pristine beaches, or go see a community of koalas in their natural habitats or let the Nyoongar people take you on a spiritual journey.

In less than two hours, you’ll be in Cervantes. You can drive your way here aboard a Cheapa Campa approved 4WD by taking the direct Indian Ocean Drive route.

Image courtesy of matt brand via Flickr/ CC BY-ND 2.0

Image courtesy of matt brand via Flickr/ CC BY-ND 2.0

Cervantes is primarily a fishing town but nonetheless a favourite family vacation spot because it is the gateway to one of Australia’s most unique landscape – Pinnacles Desert of Nambung National Park.  A true marvel, The Pinnacles, are a set of weathered rock spires that rise out of the yellow sand dunes.You don’t even need to get out of your 4WD to enjoy these amazing structures! Still, you can always park in the designated car park to get a closer look at these incredible limestone structures and just walk.

Once done, take the Hansen Road, step on the gas, point your vehicle in the general direction of Cervantes, head to either Hangover Bay or Thirsty Point before you continue northwards on your Coral Coast adventure for a nice invigorating dip.

Or you can travel two kilometres southeast where Lake Thetis is located to marvel at the stromatolites. These rocky looking lumps are made up of the oldest known living organisms in the planet. There are only five sites in Western Australia where these stromatolites exist. Better grab the opportunity while you’re here.

While still northbound, Jurien Bay, Dongara and Port Denison are also well-visited locations because of their various attractions (sea lions in Jurien Bay) and fun water activities like surfing, diving, sailing and also swimming, navigating your way towards these locations in your 4WD is absolutely easy!

After that, get your wheels back on Indian Ocean Drive, head up north; cover approximately 200 kilometres to reach Geraldton – the next town.


While in here, fresh seafood is the order of the day! This area is famous for the western rock lobster. You can also experience the cosmopolitan vibe of this town by dining out in any of its many restaurants. Don’t forget to drop by the HMAS Sydney II Memorial. Its a site dedicated to the 645 sailors who died during World War II. The site also provides an unhampered view of the town and the magnificent Indian Ocean. Geraldton’s main attraction are the Houtman Abrolhos Islands which are made up of approximately 122 coral reef ringed atolls plus a colourful array of local birds and marine life.

After a two-hour drive northward in the Indian Ocean Drive, you’ll reach the  Kalbarri National Park which is  located on the lower part of the Murchison River. From here you’ll get to see spectacular gorges that the river has carved as it made its way to the sea, creating an unbelievable and breathtaking landscape. Trek on the six-hour walking trail called The Loop that begins and ends in the Nature’s Window.

Heading north after the Kalbarri region while still en route to the Coral Coast via the Indian Ocean Drive, your next stop will probably be Shark Bay which is approximately a two-hour drive in your 4WD.

Welcome to Shark Bay

Image courtesy of Oz via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0

Image courtesy of Oz via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0

Shark Bay is recognized for its biological diversity, natural beauty and a unique sneak peek into the planet’s history. This area is home to rare flora and fauna. You can take the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive where you can feed the friendly bottlenose dolphins at Monkey Mia, while the Eagle Bluff offers a magnificent view of turtles, manta rays and even dugongs in the water.

True to its name, Shell Beach is a wonder to behold as it is shell-laden. Get your sun tans here then drive up the highway to cross the 26th Parallel into the North West of Australia from Shark Bay along the scenic Coral Coast. Drive another 250 plus kilometres along smooth pavement to reach Carnarvon.

Gascoyne Region

Carnarvon’s tropical weather allows for it to grow bananas, primarily, and mangos on the flats of the Gascoyne River. It’s also teeming with superb and fresh fruits and vegetables that are said to be some of the best tasting in the world! After all, it wouldn’t be called the “food bowl of WA” for nothing!

This town is a great starting point for exploring the rugged country inland or the wild coast leading to the south gateway to Ningaloo Marine Park which makes your Cheapacampa approved 4WD perfectly suited for this terrain.

Located around 70 kilometres north of Carnarvon, are the Quobba point blowholes. These blowholes are a fascinating sight to behold as water erupts up to 20 metres in the air! This happens when waves in the ocean forces waters into the caves below.

By now, the penultimate leg of an unforgettable road trip is about to unfold as you drive a whopping 267 kilometres from Carnarvon to Ningaloo Reef. Expect to spend more than 3 hours on the coastal road for this exciting Coral Coast journey.

Welcome to Ningaloo Reef Region

If you’re a marine biodiversity fan, this is where it gets exciting! The largest Reef in Australia, the Ningaloo Reef is home to around 500 species of tropical fish and more than 250 species of coral.

The Coast’s natural beauty and biological diversity prompted the World Heritage Site committee to declare Ningaloo Coast as Australia’s 19th World Heritage site.

The crystal clear blue waters off the coast extend towards Exmouth Coral Bay as you will soon find out. You can try snorkelling, diving or even sailing here.

Aside from the pristine deep blue waters, what many first-timers probably don’t know is that covering more than 50,000 hectares, the Cape Range National Park is another note-worthy and much visited location along the Coral Coast.

This area features amazing canyons, limestone ranges and more than 50 kilometres of unspoilt coastline that you can enjoy aboard your 4WD as it is the only way to travel here.

From Ningaloo Reef, it will take you more than two and a half hours to reach Exmouth or approximately 153 kilometres. This your last stop on your wonderful Coral Coast adventure.

Exmouth – Your Final Stop

Now on your Coral Coast’s last leg, ample time should be spent in Exmouth. After all that driving, you can probably allot half a day just lazily hanging on the beach here.

Coral Coast Australia. Image courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson via Flickr/ CC BY-NC 2.0

Coral Coast Australia. Image courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson via Flickr/ CC BY-NC 2.0

You can even watch the sea birds behind a bird hide at Mangrove Bay or try the bushwalking trail at Mandu Mandu Gorge or watch a large variety of birds in their natural habitat.

Of course, these are only some ways you can maximise motorhome road trip. There are still plenty fantastic activities that you can do while traveling the towns en route to the Coral Coast.

Now that you know all the ways you can visit and enjoy Australia’s Coral Coast, the only way to go is plan your trip and get aboard your Cheapacampa approved 4WD!

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