44 Things All First-time Campers in Australia Need To KnowTaking a trip on a campervan in the land down under? Even if you’re a first-timer, after reading this list, you’ll be camping like it’s always been your second nature! Here are tips, tricks and reminders so you can camp like a pro:


  1. Learn how to build a fire without matches.
  2. But don’t forget to pack matches and lighters. You can waterproof matches by dipping the heads in clear nail polish. Leave them to dry and repack.
  3. Before you set out, check weather conditions and forecasts in all the places in Australia you plan on going to. Go to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology For research.
  4. The best time to travel in and around Australia is during Spring or Autumn for awesome weather conditions.
  5. To avoid infringing rules and regulations, choose overnight camping areas. Need help with that? Just go to caravantour.com
  6. If ever you find yourself in a sleeping bag, here are some ways to keep warm:
    • Keep off direct contact with the ground.
    • Rehydrate before tucking in.
    • Do a few warm up exercises before going to bed.
    • Change a few clothing items. Wear socks or a hat, if need be.
    • Keep your mouth and nose out of the bag.


*Let me just tell you how extremely rewarding it is renting an RV in Australia:

  1. You’re in control. Set your own itinerary and drive at your own pace!
  2. One of the best ways to enjoy all of Australia is by driving from coast to coast and you can do this with ease with a Cheapa Campa!
  3. If ever you get stuck with a inevitable bumps on the road, you can get help from our fleet team.
  4. There is no need to book accommodation.
  5. And there’s no need to pitch a tent too!
  6. Everything is within reach. You have your bed, you sink, your car and your luggage always at the ready and always on the go!
  7. While driving, you can take in all the beautiful scenery and stop if you want to!
  8. Before you leave from your stopovers, check everything first. Get the necessary tools or ask for help if you need it.
  9. Prices for campervan hires depend on vehicle type, duration and location. Check with reservations for a quote.
  10. Check and discuss your itinerary and destinations with the reservations agents. There might be some roads or places you can’t drive on or to and they’ll gladly assist you on which routes to take instead.


  1. Talk to strangers. Ask for directions and opinions and keep an open mind.
  2. Read, read and read. Look for reviews, forums or groups that discuss travelling (especially if there is certain place you’d like to know more about).
  3. Some of the best surfing spots in Australia are Byron Bay (NSW), Point Break  and Snapper Rocks, (QLD) and Torquay to Bells Beach (VIC), among many others!
  4. Eager to glamp it up? Try Glamping at Bamurru Plains in the Northern Territory.
  5. For more activities in OZ, here are some adventures you can try:
    • Bungy Jumping in Cairns in Airlie Beach
    • Skydiving in Byron Bay
    • Jet Boating in Sydney Harbour
    • Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk
    • Sydney Harbour
  6. Don’t be limited on these though. As the sixth largest country in the world, there are plenty places to visit and things to do!


  1. Make medicine and first-aid kits one of the top priorities. Never forget your prescription meds, easy solutions to common illnesses, vitamins and allergy solutions.
  2. Just in case a shower cannot be found in camp, make a DIY one. Create the makeshift shower using a large water jug and a watering can head.
  3. Bring your essentials (toiletries, especially) in small and secure containers. Secure means “no-spill” FYI.
  4. If you want to be extra minimalist, buy your essentials in small sachets that are already divided. This way, you’ll be able to ration them properly for each day of your tour.
  5. The news is not the best place to learn about a destination but it can certainly help in preparing you for possible imminent danger and for weather conditions.
  6. Do your own laundry. This way, you wouldn’t have to bring too much clothes.
  7. Pack bug repellents and citronella candles.
  8. Keep your food secure from wild animals.


  1. Plan your meals.
  2. Buy all necessary ingredients before you go.
  3. Pre-make what you can.
  4. Do not forget the marshmallows and hotdogs! They are essential!
  5. Bring light snacks or trail mixes to eat while driving.
  6. If you’re going camping, then you’re signing up for going easy on the meal prep. Look for meals you can cook fast and without all the hassle.
  7. Pack and repack your food in Ziploc bags for easy storage.
  8. Go out for food sometimes. On a road trip, try the bests from all those places places you’re stopping over at. At most times, this is the only chance you’ll have so go for it!
  9. Bring enough water. Never be dehydrated.


  1. Pack clothes for every occasion. You never really know what you’ll run into.
  2. Still, pack clothes you know you’ll actually wear and choose ones that are versatile.
  3. When packing your gadgets, keep them away from moist substances and away from getting accidentally wet. Be extra careful!
  4. Never ever forget your chargers. And make sure they’re working too.
  5. Go old school! Have traditional games in check too!