Australia is home to some pretty amazing people, but the animals are quite incredible as well. You may be familiar with a couple of famous Australian animals, but a road trip in a camper van hire isn’t complete without getting to know all of its unique wildlife.

Check out (what we think) are the top 10 cutest and unique Australian animals:

  1. Wombat
    At first glance, the wombat may not be your first idea of a cute animal, but once you get to know these adorable creatures, you’ll see just how cuddly they are. They love to dig and while they can be a bit angry in the wild, they’re still pretty cute!"Wombat" BY Steve Stair via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 2.0. Full license terms at
  2. Quokka
    One word can describe the Quokka—adorable. Not only they cute to look at, but they mimic Australians in their behavior as well. Quokkas are sociable and friendly and definitely worth your time. While they do have big claws and “scary” teeth, they won’t do much unless provoked. They know how to convince people to give them food, and they usually do this by playing adorable and innocent. If you’re visiting Rottnest Island, you’ll discover what posers these little creatures are, with most tourists easily getting selfies with them. Just remember – you can look but don’t touch!
  3. Koala
    An obvious spot on the list, we know, but it doesn’t take away from the fact how cuddly and cute koalas are. They like to sleep a lot, so meeting one awake isn’t always possible.  "Rob & Koala" BY Rob Chandler via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-SA 2.0. Full license terms at
  4. Sugar Glider
    Some people mistakenly call this cute creature a rodent. Those who know better call it a marsupial. They have a sweet tooth, but love their veggies. They get attached to humans, when living in human households (some rescued ones live with foster carers) and will want to hang out with you wherever you go. Try and spot these ones if you’re road tripping along the north-eastern side of Australia.
  5. Kangaroo
    Okay, so maybe they aren’t the cuddliest of creatures, but they are cute—especially as babies. While they may be worth cozying up with when joey’s (never in the wild), you may not want to do the same with the mama or papa kangaroo. They’re known as boxing ‘roos for a reason!
  6. Platypus
    These creatures may be confusing, but they’re sweet-looking in some kind of odd way. Looking like ducks and beavers at the same time and proud owners of webbed feet, they get the best of many worlds. While they are cute to look at, you may not actually want to cozy up with these creatures as they are in fact venomous.
  7. Tree Kangaroo
    There are a lot of marsupials in Australia and the tree kangaroo is just another one to put on your list.  They are really, really cute to look at and look like they want to be cuddled continuously. Like normal kangaroos, they can jump pretty high, but unlike your average kangaroo, they also have the ability to climb trees. "Tree Kangaroo" BY Eric Kilby via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-SA 2.0. Full license terms at
  8. Dingo
    A dingo pup is an adorable one. They are friendly as babies and can definitely be considered some of the cutest, cozy pups around. If you come across an older one, you may not want to get too close. They are pretty smart and in the wild, are not the safest to be around. After all, they are wild dogs, complete with wild instincts.
  9.  The Port Jackson Shark
    If you like marine life more than the animals that roam the land, a Port Jackson shark may be the underwater version of cozy. They have funny faces, are not unfriendly and couldn’t hurt a fly. Okay, you don’t want to get bitten by them, but it won’t be as harmful as one from, say, a Great White. There are plenty in Australian waters and you could definitely get close to one if you so wish.
  10. Great White Shark
    Where else could you get so close to this fascinating creature than in Australia. Well-known for being a place where they thrive, Australia’s waters are full of this big fish. While you don’t want to come face to face with one alone, if you go cage-diving, you can get as cozy to them as you would ever be able to—without being shark dinner.

If you are in the mood for getting to know new creatures, visit Australia. It’s full of some adorable animals that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also a great chance for you to get to know more about these animals that may be misunderstood.

From swimming with sharks to cuddling Koalas, a trip throughout Australia in a camper van hire is a fabulous way to spend your time. You’ll get to know many creatures, some known and others you’ve never seen before. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit the crocodiles!