From Perth To Broome: Your 14-Day Campervan Itinerary

The Pinnacles. Jurien Bay. Cape Range National Park. These are just some of the breathtaking natural tourist attractions that await you on your ultimate campervan adventure through Western Australia. Considering the amount of ground you have to cover, planning an itinerary from Perth to Broome can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re campervanning through the … Continue reading “From Perth To Broome: Your 14-Day Campervan Itinerary”

5 Kid-Friendly Activities In Cairns

Cairns is a great place to take your kids to for a much-needed holiday. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to ensure the family will have a great time. After all, the city is home to several tourist attractions and activities the entire family will enjoy. Additionally, getting from … Continue reading “5 Kid-Friendly Activities In Cairns”

Should You Visit Whitsundays In July? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should

In the heart of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef lies 74 breathtakingly beautiful islands amidst year-round tropical weather. With pristine, powdery sands and sparkling waters, it’s not surprising that the Whitsundays remain to be one of Australia’s top tourist destinations. BY taki Lau Self-driving to Queensland and the Whitsundays is the preferred mode of transport among … Continue reading “Should You Visit Whitsundays In July? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should”

Wildest New Zealand Destinations To Visit With Your Campervan Rental

Big things come in small packages. This adage sums up the experience you’re in for when you go on a thrilling tour of New Zealand’s wildest destinations on campervan rentals. It may be a small country, but it truly packs a wallop! To get you started on that wild New Zealand holiday, we’ve made a list … Continue reading “Wildest New Zealand Destinations To Visit With Your Campervan Rental”

5 Legendary Northern Territory Destinations

The Northern Territory is as cosmopolitan as any of the states of the commonwealth. Despite having certain areas of this state possessing an arid climate, it undoubtedly has something distinct to offer to both regular tourists and new visitors who bring their hired campervans to its brave frontier. Although the state is mostly desert and … Continue reading “5 Legendary Northern Territory Destinations”

South Australia Camping on a Budget

Are you stressed by the fast-paced life of the city? Then, it’s time to go file that vacation and go camping on a budget. When it comes to taking a break in the wilderness, one place  stands out: South Australia (SA). The region has more than 100 camp grounds, situated mainly in vast national parks, … Continue reading “South Australia Camping on a Budget”

Everything You Need To Know About a Motorhome Holiday in WA

If you only have been to Australia’s East Coast, you are missing half the fun of your visit in this awesome country. So, this year, go instead to the lands of arid outback  and magnificent sunsets: Western Australia (WA). With a land area of 2.646 million square kilometres, Western Australia is recognised as the second largest … Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know About a Motorhome Holiday in WA”

10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss In Victoria

Victoria may be the second smallest state in Australia, but it sure is big when it comes to tourism. Each year, it receives 11 million domestic visitors and more than 600,000 international tourists. Getting around Victoria is also much easier than other states, because of its interconnected roads. Renting a campervan or a motorhome will … Continue reading “10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss In Victoria”

5 Waterfalls Near Brisbane You Can Drive To This Summer

When the temperature gets high, you know it’s time to go swimming and cool off. Some prefer the beach, others the swimming pools. But if you really want to have that picture perfect swim, then there is only one place to go- the waterfalls. And if you are a resident of Brisbane or anywhere in … Continue reading “5 Waterfalls Near Brisbane You Can Drive To This Summer”

From Sydney to Katoomba and Back: Your 2-Day Self Drive Itinerary

Sydney is without doubt, the most famous city in New South Wales. Home to the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the city welcomes millions of visitors every year. BY Arturo Pardavila III Rightfully so, because as far as tourist attractions, festivals and dining experiences go, Sydney never disappoints.  However, New South Wales has more … Continue reading “From Sydney to Katoomba and Back: Your 2-Day Self Drive Itinerary”