What First Time Campers In Australia Must Know

There is no absolutely no need to feel intimidated because camping is the simplest, cheapest and most fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. If you are going camping in Australia for the first time though, here are a few tips that can help you make the experience more memorable and a bit more comfortable.

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Road Tripping On A Budget: How To Do It Right

Who says you cannot have a memorable, fun road trip on a budget? Regardless how long a trip you are planning, we have listed a handful of tips on how you can road trip without spending a fortune.

1. Plan Your Route

By planning where you want to go and how you are going to get there is vital to staying within your set budget for the trip.

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Mapping your route will help you determine the the duration of your trip and the distance you would have to travel. This will help you set a spending limit on gas, food, accommodation or even toll fees. Additionally, this helps you determine what to pack for the road trip.

2. Do Not Overpack

You may think it is better to pack for “emergencies” considering that you have an entire motorhome to fill. Nope. Packing too much adds clutter and this makes it difficult to find things you actually need during the trip. Keep in mind that you are going to spend a lot of time in your vehicle so it is important to keep yourself comfortable. Besides, taking too much with you adds weight to the vehicle, which makes the motorhome burn more gas.

3. Research Affordable And Free Entertainment

Entertainment and sightseeing are parts of any vacation and there are a number of things you can do to find budget-friendly, if not entirely free, activities during your trip.

Check out tourism websites of countries or cities you are going to visit. These websites provide information about local tourist spots, tour activities, etc.

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If the city you plan to visit has local museums, check if they have “free days”. Travelling during summer is also advisable because the warm weather brings about more free outdoor activities: carnivals, town fairs, art shows, concerts, etc. Lastly, if you are a student or a travelling with students, do not forget to present your school ID to get student discounts.

4. Set Spending Limits

Once you have determined the length of your trip, what you will do, where you will stop along the way and what you will do, you can now set spending limits on all your expenses. Set priorities if budget is tight. Do you want to eat in nice restaurants or spend a little more on a bigger motorhome rental with a kitchen? Do you want to spend most of your budget on attractions and activities or spend more time camping in national parks and cooking over a campfire?

Gas is one of the most important parts of your budget and once you calculate how much you will spend on gas, you can then set a budget for food, activities and other experiences. Keeping track of how much you are spending helps keep you from overspending.


Road trips are a fun, memorable way to spend your holiday. Rather than flying to and from your chosen destinations, you can travel at your own pace and enjoy the sights along the way.

Just remember, drive safely and stay on budget. Hopefully these tips can help you do that. And have a worry-free, much deserved vacation!


5 Family Friendly Things To Do In Darwin

Outdoor activities, wildlife parks and encounters, beach side markets and swimming in waterholes and cave pools, it is no surprise why Darwin is a popular holiday destination for families. Whether you are bringing your own car or touring the city in a motorhome hire, there are 5 things you can do that are guaranteed to make your family holiday enjoyable.

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Tips and tricks for travelling with Kids on the road

When you’re preparing for a road trip with your kids, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, particularly if you’d be on the road for several days at a time. While the feeling is perfectly normal, you do tend to forget to bring a number of things with you on the trip. Not to mention, you have a vehicle-full of children that must be kept happy throughout the journey.

Whether you’re about to go on a six-hour drive or a week-long vacation, we’ve compiled a handful of tips for your ultimate family travel cheat sheet.

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The Differences between Motorhomes, Campervans and Caravans

As part of Australia’s premier campervan rental company – Apollo Motorhomes Holidays, we are often asked this question: “What is the difference between a motorhome, campervan and a caravan?” We get asked this question so much and often encounter travellers that think these vehicles are one and the same!

To help first time self-drive holiday makers, we’ve outlined the differences between motorhomes, campervans and a caravans. Safe travels!

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Christmas In New Zealand: How To Do It Right

Whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures or a chance to just put your feet up and relax, you are definitely spoilt for choice in New Zealand. Whether you’re spending time in the North or South Island, you won’t run out of things to do and places to go.  Continue reading “Christmas In New Zealand: How To Do It Right”


First Time Traveller’s Guide to the Northern Territory Outback

You can’t really say you’ve been to the “Land Down Under” until you’ve experienced the Northern Territory outback firsthand. And what an experience it would be! Imagine driving your camper van rental and setting up camp in the vast desert inland of Australia; a region teeming with life, surrounded by mountains, deserts and savannahs. Continue reading “First Time Traveller’s Guide to the Northern Territory Outback”


10 Campervan Rental Must-Haves

There’s no better way to welcome spring season than going on a road trip to Australia’s many scenic destinations with your friends or family. Whether you’re off to the beach this year or planning to drive your campervan rental to a national park and stay for a day or two, we’ve listed some motorhome travel must-haves to ensure a comfortable, stress-free spring holiday. Continue reading “10 Campervan Rental Must-Haves”